It’s your turn now.

Away with those boring grown-ups who want to decide what you do and how you look. You’ll decide that for yourself. The future is yours. You are classy and urban. Modern and retro. Rough but cool. Just like New York City. And like the Big Apple, you are on 24/7 and you Never. Switch. Off. You set trends and show the world how it’s done. Your motto? ANM Eyewear The world is your oyster.

You rule. Be cool. Grab it.

Most glasses have a number… Boring!

ANM Eyewear doesn’t do numbers. You have a name, and so do your glasses. Together, you shape your identity. What kind of names, you wonder? Those of the best known, coolest, roughest, and hippest neighborhoods and boroughs of New York City.

With frames made of stainless steel and recycled plastic, such as Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, SoHo, The Bronx, and Coney Island, ANM Eyewear takes the world by storm.

Come on, what are you waiting for? 

The future is yours.

‘Make it here, Make it anywhere’.




Chilling with dim sum or ginseng.

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Little Italy

The set for The Godfather, a taste of Italy.

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East Side

The richest of the rich chill outEast Side here.

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Long Island

The hippest island in the States...Long Island

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Home of the hipsters.

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Are you ready for the SoHo effect?

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The ultimate entertainment hotspot in the USA.

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Coney Island

Lay back and pick a happy color.

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Queens is an explosion of tastes.

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The Bronx 

The birthplace of hip hop and breakdance.

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Are you rough enough for Harlem?

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Greenwich Village

is a borough of NYC that’s just brimming with character and atmosphere.

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Hell’s Kitchen

Everything’s cool between 34th and 59th Street.

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is what pops up in your mind of when you think of America.

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